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Published September 8, 2022

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“FTT DAO is the right project for me. It makes so much sense to me in my personal journey. I believe that crypto education would open so many doors for people who come from similar backgrounds.“ – Emmanuel Godswill 

BFF is short for (Sam) Bankman-Fried Friends, Follows and Fans. They are FTT DAO’s community builders and advocates who share the same mission and vision of FTX and Sam. The group educates about crypto and shares effective altruism, one event at a time.  

Meet Emmanuel Godswill, the organizer of FTT DAO’s first-ever event, “BLOCKCHAIN ADOPTION, THE SAM BANKMAN-FRIED VISION” in Nigeria. Find out more about the community, his crypto journey, and his role as a BFF.  

Welcome, Emmanuel! Tell us a little about yourself. 

I am Emmanuel Godswill, from The Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria. I graduated from The University of Uyo majoring in Educational Foundations, Guidance, and Counselling. I have always aspired to be in education and counseling, so I have been helping local high school students with career coaching and development.  

I used to work as a Web 3.0 content writer because my goal is to bring crypto and blockchain technology adoption into Nigeria and eventually in Africa. 

What do you do in your free time? 

In my free time I read books, play soccer, and spend time with my family. We really enjoy outdoor activities a lot. 

Tell us about your crypto journey:  

I first learned about cryptocurrency back in 2020, but I got into the blockchain space in 2021. That’s when I put my passion for education into real practice and started to create educational content for crypto and Web 3.0.  

How did you first hear about FTX and FTT DAO? 

I first heard about FTX and FTT DAO in 2022. I was inspired to become a part of the BFF community because of Sam and FTT DAO’s shared mission of effective altruism. It’s exactly what I stand for personally.  

When I grew up, my siblings and I didn’t have access to education. But, I was fortunate to find the means to provide for myself and support my siblings. It was a turning point that led me to where I am today. 

I have always wanted to find a way to give back to society even before working with FTT DAO. I have been giving part of my earnings to provide education to orphans so, naturally, FTT DAO was a perfect fit. It makes so much sense to me in my personal journey. I believe that crypto education would open so many doors for people who come from similar backgrounds.  

Tell us about the event that you have worked with FTT DAO to organize.  

Me and a group of like-minded people have recently organized an event “BLOCKCHAIN ADOPTION, THE SAM BANKMAN-FRIED VISION” in Ibom E-Library in Nigeria in July 2022. Over 200 attendees of crypto newbies and veterans showed up! There was also a recording for those who didn’t get to attend in person.  

event stage

It is also the first-ever event sponsored by FTT DAO which makes it even more special and humbling. 

When we first started planning for this event, our goal was simply to provide crypto and blockchain education. The response was so positive that we’ve already received messages asking about the next event and how to be a part of the FTT DAO community.  

By the end of the event, we had a handful of attendees who got their crypto wallet set up, and some even bought their very first crypto! It happened all because of FTT DAO.  

group chatting around a table

What does that mean to you on a personal level? 

The hallmark moment for me was when one of the well-respected names in the local blockchain space showed up and told me how proud he was of me. The management of IBOM E-Library was very surprised by how it turned out and told us it was one of the most meaningful events that they had ever held in their facility.  

I truly believe that the event has been an encouragement to so many, especially ones that have the passion to build a future in the crypto space. I love to think that it’s my way of giving back to my people.  

What would be your message to anyone who wants to work with FTT DAO and become a BFF to promote crypto education? 

Anybody can become a BFF. As long as you share Sam and FTT DAO’s mission of effective altruism, are passionate about giving back to the society, believe in crypto development, and love to share knowledge, you will be a good BFF and a great fit for FTT DAO.  

You can start by joining your local FTT DAO. If you don’t already have one in your community, consider taking the lead and creating one.  

group of organizers at FTT DAO event

If you have a project in mind that’s related to crypto and blockchain education, but don’t have the resources to put it into action, go apply for a grant on the FTT DAO page. 

I truly believe FTT DAO will grow to become a big community that drives the blockchain revolution. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in the action.  

Wrapping up with Emmanuel

Our thanks go out to Emmanuel for taking the time to chat with us! He’s a shining example of what being an FTT DAO BFF is all about.  

If you’re interested in becoming a BFF, check out our BFF application. To learn more about what the BFFs are up to, connect with us on any of our social channels. We always love to hear from our friends and followers and are always looking to grow this amazing community. 

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