FTT DAO is an independent, community-led DAO set up by friends, followers and fans of the FTX Token.

189,196,854 FTT

Circulating Supply

As the ecosystem grows, FTX has adopted a weekly burn schedule to limit the amount of FTT in circulation.


Last Price

FTT can be purchased on a variety of platforms, including FTX, Binance, Global, and even through crypto ATMs.


Market Cap

The FTT market cap will continue to fluctuate with the market, but has seen exponential growth so far.

330,467,938 FTT

Total Supply

There is a fixed supply of FTT set at 350,000,000 tokens in total.

19,532,061 FTT


FTX triggered weekly burning of FTT to help return value to the token holders.

110,570 FTT

Pending Burn

FTX repurchases and burns FTT at a rate equal to 33% of trading fees generated on the FTX market, 10% of net additions to the FTX backstop fund, and 5% of fees earned from other users of the FTX platform.