BFFs are the pillars of the FTT DAO community

Who are BFFs?

(Sam) Bankman-Fried Fans, Followers, Friends and Family

Which one are you?
Your ideas shape the future of FTT and the FTT DAO. You are our most active and passionate community builders and advocates.

As representatives and leaders of FTT, you are the ‘human-face’ of our community facilitating the growth of the community by answering questions and addressing concerns. You are diverse and dedicated volunteers who share values and believe in our mission and vision.

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Role as a BFF

Promote awareness, education, and adoption of FTT.
Maintain online and offline communities with events and meet-ups.


BFF Benefits

Invites to exclusive meet-ups and events, special access to members of the FTT DAO and FTX team, ideas and feedback considered by core contributors, and limited edition BFFs SWAG.

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Who is Sam Bankman-Fried?

Future Fund

The goal of the Future Fund is to improve humanity through innovative and sustainable projects. The Future Fund is a philanthropic organization started by FTX with he aim of improving humanity through investing in projects that address global issues.

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How the Fund Helps

The Future Fund has already supported several important projects, including:

  • Projects to provide clean water to communities in need

  • Projects to build schools in developing countries

  • Projects to plant trees in areas affected by deforestation

  • Projects to combat climate change