Designed to be the backbone of the entire FTX platform.

The cryptocurrency industry has grown exponentially over the past decade. While Bitcoin was developed purely as a medium of transaction, coins and tokens today bring new levels of functionality to the table.

Rewards for simply holding the asset:

Reduced Trading Fees

OTC Discounts

SRM Airdrops

Unified Collateral Wallet

FTX uses a unified wallet for collateral across all markets on the exchange. This makes it quick and easy to trade multiple products simultaneously without fracturing funds between markets. FTT takes this a step further and can be used for collateral for all futures on FTX. This means traders can hold their collateral in FTT and still trade with it— an industry first in the crypto space.

Clawback Prevention & Socialized Gains

Clawbacks occur when significant market movements force exchanges to liquidate leveraged positions, and the exchanges can’t cover losses. As cryptocurrency exchanges must settle all debts on-platform, they initiate clawbacks and requisition funds from net positive accounts to cover negative positions.

FTX views this as fundamentally wrong and has developed a 3-tier Liquidation Engine to prevent clawbacks from ever occurring.

Central to this process is the Backstop Liquidity Pool. When markets move enough to trigger liquidations, the Backstop Liquidity Pool internalizes negative positions and instantly injects liquidity into the market. Simulations have shown that the Backstop Liquidity Pool often gains value after large market movements in many scenarios. These gains are then socialized and shared amongst all FTX Token holders.

What Utility Does FTT Have?

Trading Fee Discounts

Traders receive many benefits from holding and staking FTX Token. Holding FTX Token gives users up to a 60% discount on trading fees while staking the token can give users free maker fees or maker fee rebates.

For example, if you stake 25 FTT, then you receive free maker fees, allowing you to essentially trade for free. If you have over 1 million FTT staked, you get paid 0.003% on each trade. The more you stake, the better the benefits!

FTT Holding (USD) Discount on FTX Fees Other Privilege
US$100.00 3.00% N/A
US$1,000.00 5.00% N/A
US$5,000.00 10.00% N/A
US$10,000.00 15.00% N/A
US$50,000.00 20.00% N/A
US$100,000.00 25.00% N/A
US$200,000.00 30.00% N/A
US$500,000.00 35.00% N/A
US$1,000,000.00 40.00% Become Tier 4
US$2,000,000.00 45.00% Become a VIP3
US$3,000,000.00 50.00% Become a VIP4
US$4,000,000.00 55.00% Become a VIP5
US$5,000,000.00 60.00% Become a VIP6

Stake 25 FTT

Free Maker Fees

Stake 500+ FTT on FTX

Weekly SRM Airdrops

Stake 1,000,000 FTT

Earn 0.003% on every trade!

Tier FTT Staked Referral Rate Maker Fee Rebate Bonus Votes Relative Airdrop Increase Free Daily ERC20/ETH Withdrawals
0 0 25.00% None 0 0.00% 0
1 25 28.00% 0.0000% 1 2.00% 1
2 150 30.00% 0.0005% 2 4.00% 3
3 1,000 32.00% 0.0010% 6 6.00% 10
4 10,000 34.00% 0.0015% 10 8.00% 30
5 50,000 36.00% 0.0020% 15 10.00% 100
6 250,000 38.00% 0.0025% 30 12.00% 300
7 1,000,000 40.00% 0.0030% 50 14.00% 1,000

Is FTX Token a good investment?

FTX Token is a next-generation digital asset. Its unique integration into the greater FTX ecosystem makes it much more than a store of value or a medium of transaction; it’s a digital token that brings unique benefits and rewards to its users.

Investing in FTX Token is an investment in the FTX platform itself. As such, it’s essential to understand the issues that FTX addresses and the platform’s vision for the future. You can learn all about FTX, its background, and its innovative approach to digital investing by reading the FTX Whitepaper.

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