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Published July 14, 2022

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Crypto community is one of the most integral aspects to a successful crypto project’s growth. No matter how impressive the technology may be behind a project, if it’s lacking a strong community, it can have a hard time reaching broader audiences.

The crypto industry is built on community. Beginning with Bitcoin in 2009, the space has since grown into a massive, multi-faceted industry with hundreds of different communities of crypto enthusiasts. With every project being built, there should be equal importance placed on building a fervent community behind it.

So, what exactly is a crypto community and how can you get involved?

What is a Crypto Community?

A crypto community is the passionate fanbase underlying the growth of any particular crypto project. Crypto communities are born when like-minded people come together over shared interest and belief in a given project. 

The beauty of the crypto space lies in its inclusivity. Being an industry that operates on the global market, people from all around the world with different backgrounds can all find their niche within the space.

Thanks to the internet’s introduction of a communication revolution, people across the world can share and discuss ideas like never before. In the crypto space, this innovation particularly comes in handy for building up passionate fanbases of crypto projects. The crypto community tends to gravitate its communication around online platforms.


DAOs, or decentralized autonomous organizations, are essentially distributed communities of people who take up a common goal or initiative. DAOs essentially function like corporations without any central authorities. 

Smart contracts set the rules and guidelines of DAOs as opposed to those sitting at the top of a hierarchy. Its community of individual members collectively make decisions about a project’s future. Whether it’s a technical tweak, a fund allocation, or a new roadmap for a project, the DAO decides on these changes through proposals that collect votes from its members.

In the increasingly digital pathway that society is walking further down, DAOs are becoming more and more popular for people around the world to create and achieve goals at scale.

Discord Groups 

Discord is a very popular online communication platform for crypto communities to discuss ideas, share thoughts, and make new connections.

Typically, a crypto project will create a Discord to share with its community to give them early access to features, updates on a project’s progress, and even exclusive invites to real-world events.

Discord serves as one of the primary building blocks of a crypto community.


Reddit is another popular location for crypto communities to discuss details about a project. Being a long-standing staple on the internet for niche discussion, Reddit forums are home to countless crypto communities and can offer great insight into any particular details about a crypto project.

Unlike Discord groups, you can find Reddit communities through Google, making them ideal for finding answers to burning questions and reading longer-form discussions about a crypto project. 


Telegram is another increasingly popular platform for crypto communities. A lot of online crypto influencers like to create groups on Telegram to give updates on various aspects of a crypto project, such as its fundamental development, technical analysis on a project’s token price, or recent news and updates for the project. 

Crypto companies also like to communicate about operations thanks to its seamless, direct live chat capability. While it doesn’t offer as many unique server features like Discord, Telegram is ideal for communities with more focus and less need for diverse channels.


Lastly, Twitter serves as one of the most impactful platforms for crypto communities to spread the word. Coined as the “internet’s town square,” Twitter seems to have taken the role of the internet’s real-time communication protocol. As real-world events take place, Twitter is the primary social media where people log on to create dialogue and converse about the latest developments. 

How to Join a Crypto Community 

Joining a crypto community is relatively simple – you just need to find a project that you are passionate about or interested in and research what online platforms the project offers to its community. Here are a few pointers to help you find a crypto community that’s ideal for you:

  1. Check out the project’s Twitter account and look for a website or Discord link in its bio.
  2. Typically, a project’s website will list links to its various social media platforms, so be sure to dig around on the site to find out where you can join its community.
  3. NFTs have become a primary way for crypto natives to foster communities. For the less technical and more art-minded creatives out there, scouting various NFT projects and purchasing one that speaks to you can open the gates to passionate like-minded NFT communities. 

If you want to get further involved in a project’s community, typically the project’s Discord is one of the most direct ways to get in contact with a community manager and ask about involvement. As you grow your network within crypto communities, being active and valuable to the community may present new opportunities to get involved. Oftentimes, simply knowing the right people can make it easy to ingratiate yourself into a crypto community.

Benefits of Joining a Crypto Community

There are numerous benefits to joining a crypto community that can help you grow both as an investor and as an individual.


Getting educated in the crypto space is one of the best ways to gain an edge in the space. Being such a nascent industry, flocks of newcomers join the space year after year, yet don’t have the knowledge to make sense of this fast-moving digital landscape. By joining a crypto community, you can easily learn from others who have been around the block and gather insights that you won’t be able to find anywhere else online.

Community Events

Joining a crypto community is not only enlightening but also engaging! All year round, there is typically at least one major crypto event taking place somewhere in the world. By being a part of a community, you can gain access to these events and take your crypto experience beyond the computer screen to see what the industry can really offer.

Early Access

Joining a crypto community and being an active, contributing member can land you early access to exclusive features, NFTs, airdrops, or other unique surprises that those on the sidelines may not ever get to enjoy. From money-making opportunities to friend-making opportunities, thriving crypto groups make sure to treat their communities with these exclusives.

Life-long Connections 

Last but not least, crypto communities have been able to bring real people together to create life-long friendships. One of the most amazing aspects of the crypto space is its ability to bring people together from opposite ends of the globe. If you can join a crypto community and stick around for the long haul, it may just open up the doors to connection-making opportunities that would not have been possible otherwise. 

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