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Published September 29, 2022

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A community is only as good as its members. Fortunately, for us at FTT DAO, we have some of the best members out there on the crypto landscape! 

Although FTX Token and the value of SBF are what unite them, they’ve all come from very different walks of life to arrive here today. Their stories are exciting and inspirational.  

Today’s Questions from BFFs interview highlights one of those very stories. Onuegbu, a Web3 professional from Nigeria, joins us to discuss their crypto journey. 

Welcome, Onuegbu! Tell us about yourself. 

I am Onuegbu Uchenna Agams, a Nigerian Web3 professional with expertise in blockchain research, education, and community-building. My hobbies include surfing the internet, watching and playing football, eating good food, and any other fun activities that keep the body and soul healthy.  

Tell us about your crypto journey. 

My crypto journey started passively in 2018, but I became very actively involved in 2019. I started out by trading in centralized exchanges. My main motivation was the wealth creation that abounds in the crypto space. 

Along the line, I discovered that there was more to the industry than just trading and making money. I decided to learn more about the technology behind bitcoin and cryptocurrencies – blockchain – by learning from diverse sources, enrolling in courses, and attending blockchain events online. Also, I started teaching what I’ve learned to friends and other people who were interested in crypto, thereby onboarding new members to the space. 

My passion for community building, education, and research has been growing steadily ever since. I have onboarded over 1,000 people in the space through my involvement in community management and the collaboration roles I’ve held with several blockchain projects including Cryptosimplified, CosmoSol, Third academy, and others. 

How do you first learn about FTX and FTT DAO? 

I first learned about FTX when I was actively trading cryptocurrencies. The desire to buy and sell crypto has exposed me to interactions with several centralized exchanges (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs).  

I first heard about FTT DAO from one of the core contributors, Marco Jorge. He reached out to me on LinkedIn, shared the vision and mission, and the effective altruistic nature of FTT DAO. This really caught my interest because it aligns with my personal and career core values. 

Describe your thoughts on FTT DAO.  

I envision FTT DAO to be a major enabler in future crypto and blockchain adoption. We are gradually building a massive community that everyone wants to associate with. We have to keep building, learning, and pushing blockchain education one step at a time, but we are heading in the right direction. 

Do you belong to any group or organization that drives crypto / web3 / blockchain?  

Yes, I belong to several communities that drive blockchain education. The most prominent among these are  

  • Cryptosimplified 

I am a community manager at Cryptosimplified, a platform that helps onboard newbies into the crypto space. Here, we teach crypto trading, portfolio management, risk management, avoiding crypto scams, and provide other important tools necessary to stay safe in the space. 

  • Third Academy. 

Third Academy is a Web3 educational collective and career launchpad. Third Academy onboards professionals in free, cohort-based courses available to everyone. I am a contributor at Third Academy. I am involved in Web3 research, education, and content writing among other things. 

Tell us about the event that you have worked with FTT DAO to organize. 

The event I organized with FTT DAO was a blockchain education event called Web3: The Tech. The Benefits. The Future. The event was held on August 7, 2022 at LPI Innovation Hub, University of Ibadan in Nigeria. We had 140 participants in attendance. 

What were the goals of the event? 

Our goals included: 

  • Creating crypto awareness and educating participants. 
  • Bringing in new members to our social media platforms so we can keep in touch with them and continue the education. 

How was the response at the event overall? Are there any special moments that you can share with us?  

The response at the event was positive and encouraging. We had people who didn’t know much about crypto and blockchain show interest and become eager to learn more. Also, we have been having a lot of people inquire when we would hold the next event. These reviews and moments are special and personally fulfilling to me. 

Any message to like-minds who want to work with FTT DAO to promote crypto education? 

I just have a short message for everyone. “Come, let’s BUIDL.” Crypto education is one of the best gifts you can give someone. It’s a service to humanity. 

Tell us about the importance of communities in crypto.  

The importance of communities can never be overemphasized. This is because a community is the backbone of any project or product, especially in the Web3 ecosystem. 

Wrapping Up with Oneugbu

Our thanks go out to Onuegbu for taking the time to chat with us! They truly embody what it means to be an FTT DAO BFF.  

If you’re interested in becoming a BFF, check out our BFF application. To learn more about what the BFFs are up to, connect with us on any of our social channels. We always love to hear from our friends and followers and are always looking to grow this amazing community. 

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